A Message to my Generation.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: Most people never read through an entire blog post or article. If you have never done so, I strongly encourage you to READ THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE and let it be your first. I am not benefiting in ANY way from you reading it, but I assure you that YOU will. 

If you’re not sure if you are my generation or not, we are the 80’s babies; the ones who feel entitled and the ones who “know everything.” We are also huge rebels. Rebels who can take down old (government, school & health) systems that no longer have integrity and no longer work to replace them with powerful ones that are actually there to serve the greater good of humans and not the greater good of the elite. But there are many things that need to be changed. NOW.

For starters, I don’t know everything, I don’t know much actually. But the things I do know, I like to think have great value, to myself and to others.  The things I know have nothing to do with 9th grade Algebra or Mythology or how to dissect a frog. They have to do with real life and how to stand out and make your life worth LIVING. I knew from a young age that it was up to me to make a difference in people’s lives. I knew that all of the personal hardships I went through were growing me into the person that needed to lead people to a better life. I say this as humbly as I can. I am a firm believer in life purposes and I know mine. I am not ashamed of it and I will not hide it. If it offends you or you don’t like it or because of what I write you think that I think I’m better than you, I’m really truly sorry that you feel that way. But what a waste of life it would be for someone to know their calling and completely ignore it because of what other people thought. I have a LONG way to go, do I ever, but I’m starting here and now with what I have and where I’m at in life. I’m not going to wait until I’m “ready” because that day will never come. I will never stop growing and learning. So I’m starting here.

For a long time, I sold myself short, very short. I accepted things I knew I didn’t deserve. I stayed in relationships that were harmful and that brought me down. I didn’t value myself. I allowed people to walk all over me because I was too scared to stand up for myself. I didn’t want people to think negatively of me. I wanted everyone to like me. I was scared of confrontation. (This does not come from a victim mentality. I am not a victim, nor will I ever be because I do NOT under any circumstances believe in victims– it’s all your state of mind to take responsibility for your life and circumstances to change them).

And I was miserable. I had horrible anxiety and I went into weeks of depression and isolation. I would just lay in my bed with the blinds closed and just wallow in that low place. I wouldn’t do anything to get out of that place. I just laid there…

And as I got older, especially after having a child, I began to realize that I didn’t have to accept all of this for my life. There was another way to live. My tolerance for that negative, depressed state of mind began to get lower and lower. Then one day, when I had hit an all-time mental-low, I made the decision and it was probably one of the most powerful decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my children and future generations that have yet to even be spoken into existence. I would no longer allow myself to be depressed. It’s okay for me to feel my emotions and allow myself to go through what I needed to go through but I would NOT under ANY circumstance stay in that place and feel sorry for myself. I would get in and get out and move forward.

I’m part of a generation, along with a lot of those who are reading this right now, that just don’t value themselves, don’t truly love themselves, don’t truly accept themselves and just kind of ride through life making the same mistake 10 times over and not really ever striving for anything great or to change for their children. Now, I know MANY people, probably more than not, that are positive and do what they can to give their children the best life possible and to change generational curses. But I’ve also seen many on the other side of the spectrum. This does not mean anyone is better than anyone else, I believe we all came from the same place, a place of love, and somewhere along the way we were strayed from our path by Worldly things.

I’m going to share some powerful things I have learned over the past few years, things we are not taught in school but things that will help us strive to be better and take back our generation to ensure the future generations can live with integrity and peace.

There are no free handouts at no cost. If you want something, you need to make it happen. Struggles are blessings in disguise because without those struggles you will not have changed your perspective. You will see new light to things and your consciousness will broaden. Your awareness will broaden. You will begin to see things you never saw before. You will begin to realize that your parents don’t owe you A THING. They brought you into this world, they gave you life and they raised you the best they could. You are now a functioning adult and need to take responsibility for your life. Blaming your parents for what happened to you will not get you anywhere!!! Taking responsibility and moving forward and allowing yourself to grow from it will make you into one hell of a powerful person. It is SO important for you to love and value yourself. THAT is the cool thing to do. Who the hell cares what people think if you are made fun of for loving yourself. How ridiculous is that? Seriously? THAT’S seriously what is wrong with my generation. I don’t care about being cool or fad. I want to live a life worth living, a joyous life and a happy life and I can’t do that when I’m concerned what other people think of me. And that starts with self-love and honor. I will respect myself and not allow ANYBODY to treat me like shit. A person can say whatever they want to say but at the end of the day it’s up to YOU to dismiss it or allow it to negatively define who you are. Be YOU. When you are truly YOU, you will attract the right people who LOVE you, for YOU; the person that God created you to be, not the person you think people want you to be. If you want something, go GET IT. TAKE ACTION!!!! You can study and read books and get 6 different master degrees from the most elite universities there are but if you do not ACT, you will be in the same spot and nothing will change. If you do not ACT, knowledge doesn’t mean SHIT. Knowledge is NOT power unless you go out there and do something about it!!! If you want to make $1million a year then GO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t expect things to fall in your lap or things to change when you aren’t getting out there outside of your comfort zone and making it happen!!! That’s it. End of story, there are no shortcuts people. You may have been born poor or into abuse or poverty but if you die with the same circumstances, that is NOBODY’s fault but YOUR OWN. I’m calling ALL BLUFFS!!!!! If you want something worth having, it’s rather SIMPLE to get. It’s not easy to get but the formula is simple. TAKE ACTION. Become aware of your issues, we all have them. And for the people who claim they don’t have any and think they can look down on other people for their issues… stay far away from them! Acknowledging your issues and the need for change is a sure sign of STRENGTH and integrity and you will be highly rewarded and favored for that effort. Find the silver lining in EVERY situation. If you need help finding it, write to me and I will find it for you, I promise you that. DIG deep inside of yourself for that courage and strength to say NO to your current circumstances and to make that change towards a better life!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! When you saturate your mind with positivity and stay consistent and follow through and keep on keeping on, you will win. If you give up, you can’t blame ANYONE for your failures. WHEN YOU ARE CONSISTENT AND YOU KEEP THE END IN MIND: YOU WILL LIVE YOUR DREAM. You will accomplish what you want in life. That’s the big secret to success, FOR FREE!

I will always be a student of life. That will never change. I have a passion and a deep thirst for information and wisdom and knowledge and I will always seek that for my life. I will also always share what I come across and learn and acquire.

Stop selling yourself short, you are worth it and as Les Brown always says, “you have greatness within you.”