If you like love stories, Then this one’s for you.


Once upon a time, lived a woman, who was blind. And by blind, I mean couldn’t see her own value & worth. She was on this journey of trying to find her happiness and live this magical life of fulfillment but the more she tried to run towards it, the more it seemed to slip away.  She lived in stagnation. She questioned herself daily, “who am I?” She knew on a deep and spiritual level there was more to life. She wanted to know what made her heart beat, what pulled at her spirit, she craved & desired to live a life she was proud of.

She didn’t want to be the one looking back on her life with regret because she didn’t have the courage to step into her divine feminine power. She dimmed her light to please others and her world was basically a big egg shell she had to tiptoe around on. She quieted her passions instead of letting them roar. There was no honoring of who she really was. She deeply desired to express her innermost desires, wants, visions, goals, creations… but she lacked the courage to step forth into those powers.

She imprisoned herself, in this imaginary jail, and while she was in this imaginary jail, she was robbed of her right to have fun, be joyful and free-flowing… she was even robbed of her right to love & be loved. Can you imagine that? And that worst part? Her persecutor was HERSELF!

Until one day (now we’re getting to the good part)…

She had it up to here (hand motion to the forehead, ladies, just like your momma used to do). And just like that (well, with desire, will & hard-work), she was DONE not feeling fulfilled. She was DONE people pleasing. She was DONE not stepping into her power. She was DONE, DONE, DONE! She was DONE not being brave. She was DONE not valuing herself. She was DONE selling herself short.

This world is FULL of undiscovered & overlooked GOLD & GLITTER in women who sell themselves short on a daily basis, who are apologetic for who they are, who don’t value or honor themselves and therefore don’t live life to anywhere near their highest potential.

This life is a gift… your gift to discover every day of your life. You were born with an innate purpose, special and unique just to you.

(Back to our story) — So this brave and beautiful woman embarked on a journey to rediscover and reveal who she truly was, at her core, in her spirit, in her heart… The walls began to break down, courage began to rise… And she started feeling joy, inspired, fulfillment, worthy, purposeful, absolutely ecstatic for life & very light. She began to honor who she was… she let her light shine… and her soul began to light-up and sparkle like never before. The flood gates opened up and abundance came pouring through. Every step she took was graceful yet strong. She took on this new and empowered way of living where joy was at the forefront because she knew that when she was at her best, she was able to be an even more amazing woman, wife & mother…

She fell in love with herself, her life, and her journey…

(I would say “The End” but it’s really just the beginning…)


My name is lindsey torres!

I am a passionate, unapologetic, self-loving

women’s transformation coach.

So what does this have to do with you? You may be asking…

Well, it’s pretty simple, really.

My vision is to make sure every woman (including you) I get the pleasure of meeting and crossing paths with leaves our conversation feeling better, lighter and more empowered than she did when she entered it. I want to help you RE-realize that you are WORTHY. You are BEAUTIFUL.

You have your own special purpose that nobody else in this entire world has to offer, except for YOU. I will help you break old habits, old paradigms, old belief systems and break into that life you’ve always dreamed of and that life you are SO worthy of living.

It is my divine PURPOSE to assist women from just settling to conscious living and creating. Breaking old paradigms and beliefs to adopting new, vibrant, empowering, encouraging and uplifting ones that lead you exactly where you want to go (Not sure where you want to go yet? That’s perfectly fine because I was exactly in that space. I got myself out and I can help you out, too).

Wondering what it would be like to work with me?

–> click here to check me out! <–

7 thoughts on “

  1. Heidy says:

    Your story is absolutely inspiring! I am exciting to dive into your site and read as much as I can. I also have a precious baby whom I also feel has changed my life for the better, but at times I forget how motivational and inspiring I can also be. My biggest challenge at the moment is really working on my body and regaining my sexy confidence back to feel like I did before my baby. I am determined to be a better mommy and wife to the two people I love the most. Thank you for this website! ❤

    • Empower The Mom says:

      Heidy, I really appreciate your support and your transparency and honesty. It’s not easy being a mother and I feel like society puts such pressure on us that we can’t even show vulnerability in any way! I’ll be posting things for body as well, feeling sexy is super important especially after having a baby, I’m going through that as well. If there’s anything particularly you would be interested in reading about let me know 🙂 Thanks again for reading, xoxo

  2. California Kid says:

    Hi Lindsey. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and choosing to follow it. Your life is full of hope, empowerment, and achievement; each of which should inspire others who read your blog and allow the words you write so beautifully to affect them in a positive manner. You should be proud of yourself. Your children are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother like you. Keep up the good work you’re doing here in your blog and do keep in touch. Cheers!

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