I never thought I’d relate to Monsters, Inc.

It’s true… I never thought that I would be able to take something more than an enjoyable time out of Monsters, Inc. Have you seen it? It’s actually one of my favorite kid movies. I basically know it by heart, since it’s also one of my son’s favorites. We’ve gone through 3 of the DVD’s and we now have it on DVR which works best since we can’t ruin a DVD that way. DVR just makes sense 🙂

Anyways, I sometimes get these crazy analogies that come into my mind out of nowhere so today was no different… This morning, our house was hectic. My daughter wouldn’t take her bottle and wouldn’t stop crying and my son was in la-la land which means it took him 45 minutes to get dressed. Yes, JUST to get dressed. Needless to say, I dropped my son off without even brushing my hair. I had a total bed head. I’m sure other people were thinking that I was a crazy lady today, not even kidding 😉 However I was at a loss of patience & only hoping that this negativity wouldn’t last past the next minute. But it did. It’s hard to get out of a funk!

So it was time for my daughter’s mid-morning nap and I got to my self-help work. I was listening to podcasts from successful people, reading part of “Think & Grow Rich” and clearing some issues with EFT (which if you don’t know what it is and are into releasing issues, then this may be of interest to you).

By the time my daughter had woke-up from her nap, my mood had changed completely. It was as if my rough morning had never even happened. I was happy and energetic and joyful. I was grateful and lively and fun.

It’s amazing how the Universe works and the things that are given or exposed to us at certain times and that has been what my day consisted of. After doing my little bit of self-help, it was as if not just a door opened, but a whole entire brick wall with spikes and fire and obstacles had been demolished and this positivity just poured in!

But when I was in my negative space, nothing was happening for me. I could’ve put some effort in my business but nothing was going right and it took WAY more work to accomplish what I could’ve if I just would’ve did it in a positive and grateful state to begin with.

So here’s my big analogy. Are you ready? And you’ll only get it if you’ve watched Monster’s, Inc. Which if you have kids then of course you have.

In Monster’s, Inc., they focus so much on scaring little kids just to get a little bit of “scream” which they put in these tanks that are later used for electricity to fuel their monster world. After the cute little human girl, Boo, snuck into the monster world, Sully (the big green & blue monster) & his side-kick Mike Wazowski freaked out when their entire building experienced a power surge and every light was lit up because Boo laughed… They realized that a child’s laugh was way more powerful than a child’s scream.

So for the purpose of this blog, a child’s scream will be associated with negativity and a child’s laugh will be associated with positivity. When we are “positive” we got so much further in life than if we stay in a negative state. Things that may have flowed easily if we were in a positive mindset will be that much harder because of a negative mindset. The vibration in which our mind is putting out there determines what will come back to us. So if you are wondering why “negative” things keep happening to you, is your mind in a positive state? Ask any overall positive person you know… negative things aren’t as negative because they are taken as things that are presented to us in order to learn something from it in order to grow. They are obstacles to overcome and conquer; they are not something that conquers us.

I promise to you, a positive mind makes literally a world of a difference. It’s not that things don’t happen because things will always happen, that’s just life. It’s the outlook and perception of the things that happen that make the difference.

Good night & be positive 🙂

What happens when our motivation disappears?

What do you do when your motivation for doing something mysteriously disappears? One day your super amped up… to work-out, to start a clothing line, to eat healthy… and to accomplish these things is easy as cake because you are backed by your motivation and the desire to accomplish. There are few people in this world I have met or read about or follow (like Tony Robbins) that are able to fully keep their motivation going on a daily basis to accomplish all that they want. Then there’s the rest of us, who have to try a little harder, who give into our weaknesses of lack of discipline and habit or presence of self-doubt.

Well guess what! I have the key to success! No, I am not a multi-millionaire (yet) but I am trying to implement this “key” everyday. This is a key that you will hear about from all successful people. It just makes sense: if you keep working at something everyday, eventually you will get to where you want to be. If you commit to working out to reach an ideal weight or body image and you eat healthy, guess what? You will get there! If you take 5 small steps everyday to creating a clothing line, guess what? Eventually, you’ll have a clothing line. It’s called dedication. Commitment. Consistency. Your end result may not be what you planned and it may have failed, but giving something your all is priceless. Failures, in my eyes, when effort is put forth, is a step to success. You’ve learned and gained wisdom that you can put forth towards your next endeavor. And that is priceless.

I love this quote by the wonderful Zig Ziglar: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

What this means is that everyday, we should put a little bit of effort into motivating ourselves, whatever that looks like for you. For me, that means finding pictures of fitness women who have the body I want to accomplish for myself. Or sneaking into a gated community filled with multi-multi-million dollar homes and desiring one of these homes and being proud owners of one (yes, I do this especially living in the town I live in). I’ve realized that I am not a superhuman and motivation needs to be worked for to keep up. It’s kind of like a marriage, those lovey-dovey-ooey-gooey feelings won’t be there every second of every day BUT– you have committed to loving that person no matter what so you find a way to show them your love. I commit to motivation– and to the days I’m just not feeling it, I will put in that extra effort to find something that motivates me. There are no excuses. The formula is quite simple.

So here is your motivation, handed to you on a silver platter, by me. Run with it! What’s a goal of yours? Is it a 10,000 sq ft house with 15 bathrooms? Is it owning your own dog-walking business? Is it building a well in a small town of your native country for clean water? Is it homeschooling all of your children why still keeping it sexy for your man? Is it speaking on stage to 5,000 people about your passion of cooking? WHATEVER it is… seriously moms, I mean… WHATEVER it is… GO FOR IT!!! NO DREAM IS EVER TOO BIG. And guess what, if someone tells you otherwise, I’m pretty sure you deserve better. Don’t let someone else’s fears, doubts, insecurities or jealousy stop YOU from dreaming ginormous, for real! Forget and un-remember the quote “the sky is the limit…” That statement in itself is LIMITING. No, sorry, there is NO limit and I would never allow myself to adopt that belief. There is literally no limit, if your mind can believe it you can achieve it.

How do you get motivated? If it’s through pictures, then go Google your dream and look at pictures! Is it by seeing it in person? Then go take a drive and look at those million dollar homes. You owe it to yourself and your kids to put in that extra effort to keep that spark going between you and your motivation. It’s like a crazy love affair. Go get it!!! It’s yours for the taking!!! There is an abundance in this world and if you don’t take it, someone else will. Someone else will eventually act on the dream that you were too scared to act on. And that person will get the results you wanted. You are strong enough, old/young enough, beautiful enough, worthy enough, confident enough, you are ENOUGH. End of story.

I love my body.

Miranda_Kerr_Qantas_Campaign_01I really, really do love my body. I honor it the best I know how. That starts with how I nourish it… which starts with food sources:

It drives me absolutely banana’s how absolutely backwards our food system here in America is. Ingredients and chemicals that are banned in other countries consume our food products. Animals are raised in treacherous environments with disgusting food, if it even deserves that name. Our toiletries are full of known neurotoxins that get seeped into our pores and have been shown to cause all types of different dis-eases & disorders. Marketing and profit overrules health and the best interest of consumers any day. Innocent kids are targeted by large food bullies. I could go on and on.

It’s pathetic. It’s disgusting. And it really, really makes me angry.

What makes me even more angry is the fact that America has made it SO hard to eat healthy and sustain a truly healthy body. A fast paced lifestyle makes it hard to slow down so American’s are forced to eat what’s quick and cheap.Shouldn’t organic produce be cheaper than conventional? It seems like chemicals would cost more money, thus making conventional produce more expensive.

I’ve made the choice, for my family and I to choose healthier foods. Quality foods. You will never see me purchase soda. Or doritos. Or lunchables. Never have I ever and never will I ever. Granted we don’t always eat as healthy as we should and I still allow my five year old to eat junk food now and again (as do I) but the majority of our food is clean and organic.

I won’t lay down and be ran over, I won’t lay dormant, I won’t accept what large food corporations are trying to feed my family as acceptable. I will drive the extra miles, I will cut costs in other areas, in order to sustain healthier eating in my household. Because that has been a top priority and a commitment as a mother and a wife and just a person who wants to live a long and healthy life.

One of the reasons I became a Health Coach was to be able to help others and teach people what their food is really about. Up until I had my son, I really had no idea what was in my food. I assumed that “whole grain” bread from Pepperidge Farm was healthy. I never knew what GMO’s were, let alone what effects they could have on my health. I assumed that when something said “natural” it meant that there were all natural ingredients and it could be trusted.

I feel as though it’s my duty to spread awareness of what’s really in our foods. I have always been a rebel, I have just finally found a place where I can channel it productively. I question everything I eat. Call me crazy but I don’t trust people I don’t know to nourish my body and know what’s best for me, only I know that. And same with my kids, I don’t even trust baby food companies without doing extensive research as to their sources. I go farther then simply looking at the ingredients. I want to know the source of the ingredients, what process they used to put together certain products like formula & where they sourced their vitamins from (were they made in a lab from GMO’s or are they derived from whole foods?)

So this part of my blog, the “body” part, will cover all of these things. I believe that part of becoming an empowered mom means standing up for what we believe in and what we feel is right. Whether you’re right is different from mine, that’s perfectly okay and I will never pass judgment. I’m just happy you are on the quest for a better life. And for that, you have my full support.

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I love my weaknesses


Sometimes I am SO hard on myself. And it drives me bananas! And then I get upset because I am being so hard on myself. It’s a vicious cycle, I tell ya. Somehow I always end up focusing on my negatives… when I try so hard to focus on my positives. For this blog, I’m going to go back and forth between positives & strengths and negatives & weaknesses. They’re kind of the same, but kind of different. I promise I’ll bring it all together in the end of this blog. So I think as a whole, we are taught to focus on our strengths and to build those up. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, in fact– that’s how a lot of people become super successful and make their millions, building their strength in a specific area, whether that’s basketball, management, sales, dance… whatever it is. But in the process of building up our strengths, we ignore our weaknesses. Naturally, we don’t like others seeing our weaknesses because it makes us vulnerable, it gives another person power over us. That’s kind of scary. But what if… WHAT IF… our greatest strengths were buried in our greatest weaknesses and ALL we had to do was work through our weaknesses to get there?

I’ll use myself as a prime example. I’m a huge rebel. I hate to be told what to do, I hate following direction from others, I hate working for other people making them rich, you get the point. In my teen years throughout high school, this characteristic got me into trouble, every Friday and Saturday night. I smoked weed and I drank beer and I kissed boys. I skipped school and totaled my car (at the same time). I went to parties and lied to my parents and I got involved with drama I shouldn’t have been a part of just because I felt like it. I put myself in compromising situations for my safety but by the grace of God I was always okay.

Then I had my son. And because this rebel-ness was a part of me, I just didn’t feel right sweeping it under the doormat and pretending it wasn’t there. I tried it and it only backfired on me and made me want to rebel even more. I don’t like following the rules. It’s just the way I am. But when I had my son, my rebellious energy completely switched– I was lucky to have such control over it because I wanted to be a great mom and so the transition was easy; my desire to be a great mom trumped any desire for negative rebellion. Instead of allowing my rebel-ness to hurt me, I used it to empower myself. I used it to question the things the doctor told me and the TV told me and the news told me. I didn’t want these strangers molding my mind to their benefit. I wanted to mold my own mind by what I found that resonated and that felt right with my spirit. And so my journey really began…

Not only is it good to build on our negative traits, but our weaknesses as well. Usually, weaknesses are VERY uncomfortable for us to face. But being uncomfortable equals GROWTH. And growth means evolving into a stronger and better human being. That’s my goal at least. Being outside of my comfort zone and facing my weaknesses and not allowing them to trump me is an everyday goal for myself. One of my weaknesses? I’m afraid of judgement. So does that mean I live in a bubble and never put myself out into the world? Hell no! It means all the more reason to put myself out in the world, which is what I’m slowly doing. Whether I get rejected or denied or judged for what I do or what I say. Who cares!

I’ll never forget a lecture I listened to by the lovely & beautiful  Debbie Ford. She described suppressing our weaknesses and negatives as a beach ball that we try to hold under water. Eventually, that ball is going to pop-up and hit us right in the face. Embrace ALL of you. Love ALL of you. Every single one of us embodies every single characteristic in existance. They are all part of us. Some immensely stronger than others. Some are completely dormant. But they’re all there. We all have a tendency to be selfish, to be mean, to be loving. It just depends on what we choose to focus on and the environments we are in. I’ve noticed that the more loving I am and accepting of myself, the more my life flows. I create a safe space for myself by just accepting me for me, ugly parts and all.

Have you been ridiculed for your bossy nature? I bet you would excel in a management or leadership roll if you’re not there already. I bet you are amazing at leading people in a positive way.

Have you been ridiculed for speaking up for yourself? I bet you would be an amazing activist or public speaker, speaking about child abuse or animal cruelty.

Have you been ridiculed for being too shy? Maybe you can start a blog reaching out to other shy people and create a powerful support group that enables everyone to get outside of their comfort zones.

See what I mean?

What’s a negative trait or weakness of yourself that you’ve suppressed or judged? How can you bring that to the surface? Question yourself… how can you build on it to turn it into a strength for the wellbeing of yourself and those around you? We’re ALL capable of it. Let your light shine ladies!!!!

Love you all 🙂


Woman Power!


I remember the first time I saw this quote. It knocked me off of my feet for a minute. It was just what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it. I’ll forewarn you now: If you are part of the he-man women hater’s club, please exit. I love my guys, they are amazing providers and hunters. They are amazing fathers and wonderful husbands. They are hardworking and successful business men. But this particular post is to all of the beautiful women of the world. All of the women who want more for their lives, who just want to be loved and feel connected to others. For every mom who wants to feel like she makes a difference in this world and who wants the support of other like-minded beauties.

We (females) are the only creatures that are constantly changing in comparison to males. We grow boobs, we get our periods, we house a growing fetus, we push babies out of our va-jay-jay’s, we get achy backs and stomachs once a month. We wear makeup and do our hair daily. We get plastic surgery to enhance our God-given beauty. We change our noses. We fill our wrinkles. We lift the skin on our faces. We act a certain way to impress a certain someone. We sacrifice who we are and our happiness to adjust to our lovers. Society expects the woman to change, not the man. From the minute we can bat our eyelashes, we are being primped with bows and toe nail polish. We are expected to always look our best. We are expected to make a 5-star dinner in heals with a baby on our hip, while quietly dealing with the challenges we as women face on a daily basis. We are expected to be the mother, the hooker, the house keeper & everything in between for our men. Have you ever thought about it that way? That women are the ones in constant change, not the man?

And that’s okay. I am happy with who I am and I am happy being a woman. I’m happy with my role.

What’s not okay is when we don’t give ourselves enough credit for how amazing we really are. You’ve heard it before, when we have children– we are expected to be the mother, the father (at times or all the time), a chef, a maid, a taxi driver, a referee, a teacher, a paramedic, a boo-boo kisser, an entertainer, a therapist, the lover, a jungle-gym and whatever else you want to add to the list. So how come we’re still so hard on ourselves? We are the most amazing multi-taskers to ever walk this planet, at least that’s my opinion.

To top it all off, we compare ourselves to the Betty Crocker who lives next door who seems to have it all figured out. I admit, I can be quite competitive at times. I’m learning to use what I think to be my negative traits and channel them into a positive direction (a post to come)– so instead of being competitive with other women– competing with my best self, competing in business or competing as an entrepreneur– whatever it is that actually adds productivity and genuine growth to my life. I don’t want to get by in life by stepping on other people, especially other women. I want to unite and connect. I want to cry and laugh together. I want to grow lifelong friendships with other women and mommies and caretakers and momprenuers.

Anyways, what’s my point? We are in this life together! If we learned how to build each other up instead of gossiping about the next girl’s cellulite or fake boobs. Who the hell cares. When all is said and done, does that really matter? No! We are all going through our own stuff, we’ve all been dealt different piles of sh*t without a clue as to how to dig through it. Until we actually sit down and take the time to get to know someone, we have no idea what the other person has really been through and what kind of effect that has had on her life.

How can you add value to another woman’s life? Maybe it’s something you already do, everyday. Just by being a friend. Or a mother-figure, or a sister-figure. How can you expand that and zoom in on it and make it greater and bigger? How can you live consciously with purpose as opposed to auto-pilot? How can you lift another woman up and inspire her?

I love you all, each and every one of you beautiful beings. Even if I don’t know you personally, or very well, or if I’ve only spoken to you about the weather. It’s my goal to practice this everyday. I want to love and feel connected.