Divine Rawness & Honoring That Which You Are


I’ve said it before; I love rawness; divine rawness.

One of the things that gets to me the most are empty conversations that consist of story telling and gossip around what type of teacher my kid has, what SUV I plan to get next, how amazing my husband is, how much I just love my life (everyday, all the time), the 1lb of flab I lost last week, the cheeseburger I didn’t eat at that party, how stuck up that other mom is… There’s no soul-connectedness going on here; only ego-connectedness.

The. List. Goes On. And On. And On.

Such empty subjects.

Don’t get me wrong… I have willingly participated in such topics of conversation & even initiated many of them myself. And when they are done, I am left with a feeling of guilt and emptiness. So I try to tred away from them as often as possible & choose the path that fulfills me and allows me the feeling of lightness. It is one of my goals to always leave the person I am conversing with in a better state than when we started.

So what do I dig, and think a lot of other women dig too (if they only gave themselves the chance)?

Raw, meaningful and real conversations full of heart and integrity, passion and fire.

And sisters, we NEED that. Somewhere along the way we have learned that it’s not safe to express who we truly are. We lose that fire and our own authenticity. We lose our VOICE!

How can we lose who we truly are??? IT’S WHO WE ARE!!! 

It’s what makes our hearts beat, it’s what gives us purpose for living, it’s what makes us feel ALIVE and LIGHT amidst a world of darkness, it’s what builds our faith & keeps us believing, it’s what honors who we are at our core, it’s the breeze that swifts through our hair and dances upon our skin, and what honors our Creator, the one that designed each and every one of our souls and spirits so intricately and perfectly that there’s not even the slightest .0000000000000000000000001% chance of a mistake.


These are two of my soul sisters. I am eternally grateful for them and love them unconditionally for who they are at their core and am honored for their trust and confidence in me. 

We are all so alike because we all crave that connectedness, we all crave to be loved deep down within, we all want to be heard and to feel significant and important! (Which by the way, you very much are significant and important by default, just for being Y-O-U) And if you don’t crave those things and don’t have them in your life, it’s only because of the walls you have built around your heart because you started to believe that being connected isn’t safe from the experiences you have encountered.

It’s truly a tragedy to believe such a lie. But there’s such beauty in that lie, you know… Because our sisters can be the ones who help us recognize the real truth of who we are… divine, intricate, beautiful, feminine, infinite, radiant, brave…

We have SO much to offer each other, and the world and ourselves…

Can you do this for yourselves? Find another woman to connect with. Allow your soft and nurturing side to come through. Support her. Love her. Let her be raw with you, and that rawness includes every square inch of her soul no matter how dark or dirty it is.

Create a safe, supportive & loving space for each other where each woman is free to be herself… fully supported with no conditions whatsoever. Provide for her what you want for yourself. Allow yourself to embrace your own demons, darkness, blessings & lightness and embrace hers too, just the same.

And most importantly, honor that which you are.

You deserve it. You owe it to yourself!

Let your soul shine… speak your brave & beautiful truth…

With Love,


P.S. If you got value out of what you read, please like and share my post! Chances are, there’s another sister who’s been waiting to hear this!

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