Back To Love

Life is beautiful. Awareness is beautiful.

But once upon a time, I didn’t think life was all that beautiful. I wasn’t aware of the life I was creating because I wasn’t aware of my belief system. I wasn’t honoring to myself. I made poor choices. And I victimized myself. I felt sorry for myself because people who I expected to love me the most, it felt like loved me the least. I was dealing with PMS (Poor Me Syndrome).

But here’s the beauty of it all… I am here today, still alive. I have survived. I have survived through the love that I perceived (<– key word) I didn’t receive. I have survived and the even better part — I have come out as a warrior! I finally came back to the truth of realizing on a spiritual level that I am love. I am loved. I am lovable. And just because one or two or three people that I have crossed paths with that I expected to love me, didn’t, doesn’t mean I am any less of those things. I am still love. I am still loved. And I am still lovable. Nothing or no one can ever change that or take it away. It is the divinity and lightness that is within me and that will never leave.

I also learned that another persons capacity to love you really has absolutely nothing to do with you, and has everything to do with them. It is in direct proportion to the barriers they have consciously or unconsciously put up over the duration of their life time around their own hearts because of what they have experienced that prevents them or limits them from loving others. What they fail to realize also, is that they too, are love. They too, are loved. And they too, are lovable. More than they could ever imagine.

But sometimes it takes us a great deal of pain to bring us back to the truth. And if I am able to go through life truly knowing what I am, on the deepest and most intimate level, then all of that pain was well worth it. No one can ever take that knowing away from me of what I am. The world around me may crumble and fall; those are just worldly things I cannot control… but my spirit is unshakeable.

Everyone who is in your life or not in your life is exactly where they are meant to be. Maybe you had a missing parent and as a result grew up feeling abandoned. But maybe if they were around, their behavior towards you would’ve done more damage than their absence ever could have. And the people who are in your life, love you the very best they know how, at the given moment, knowing what they know.

If you are reading this, then you too, are alive. You are alive and well. And most importantly, you are loved. You have always been taken care of even if in the moment it seemed like that wasn’t the case. But in each and every moment, you have exactly and precisely what you need. God works through people everyday, and you have probably received love from someone you never expected it from; a friend or teacher or inherited family member.

Open your eyes to the subtle and mysterious blessings that wash over you each and every day. They may not come in the shapes and sizes you would like them to but they are most certainly there, no matter what walk of life you came from or are traveling upon.

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