How To Break Through Fear

It’s what causes our spines to shiver and freezes our actions. It stops us from doing something our soul is calling for us to do, NOW. It stops us from jumping when we have the jumping bug. It makes us go against our hearts because we don’t want to be exposed, rejected, vulnerable or even worse… looked at as a failure.

But something I have learned along the way, and dealing with horrible, paralyzing fear, is to dance.

Dance with your fear. It’s something I first learned at Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within at 15 years old. I was somehow convinced to walk across 8-feet worth of 1000 degree’s (minimum) of HOT burning-coal. And I did it. I also didn’t get burned. This experience taught me two things:

1. I can do whatever the hell I put my mind to. Before walking into that weekend, I would’ve never thought I could walk on hot coal. But through the guidance of Mr. Robbins’ & some powerful mind exercises, I did it and I did it successfully. When I reached the end, I began to cry because of what I had just accomplished (as a child I was just feet away from a fireworks explosion and was protected by one of my father’s best friends, who also happened to be cheering me on as I walked across fire 10 years later — this explosion set off a 10 year fear of fire, I wouldn’t even light a match).

2. Dancing with fear is far more powerful than resisting it because fear is not real. Fear is something we make up in our minds from beliefs we have that we are taught from those around us. I may have never been bothered or bitten by a spider in my life but if my mother had a horrid fear to them, I would most likely grow up having the same fear because of her reactions when a spider was present. What we resist, persists… so instead of resisting our fear, embrace it… and break the hell THROUGH it. I was able to walk on fire again at the age of 21 at the same seminar. And again, I didn’t get burned because I didn’t focus on my fear of getting burned. I focused on my desired outcome of getting across the stretch of hot coals, safely and successfully. That’s exactly what I did, along with thousands of others.

I’ve been getting multiple messages from my everyday life whether a quote that pops up on my Facebook feed, a friend, or a stranger, or something in nature, telling me to break through my fear. Right now I am in the process of creating certain things and they are extremely scary for me because I have to put myself out there. I have to make myself vulnerable because I know it is part of my life’s purpose.

I am on a voyage, just like all of you, whatever that means to you. Instead of staying in a safe harbor, why not unleash the sails and ride with the wind (aka, dance with your fears). The Universe cherishes bravery and will always protect you as you ride the currents of life. So even if you are in a current chapter of life that consists of dark waters and stormy seas, send yourself a gentle reminder that you are on the right path because there are no wrong turns. Ever. Your life is in perfect harmony.

You are safe.

You are loved.

No matter where you are.

So if you have been teeter-tottering back and forth between decisions, scared to make that LEAP into the unknown, TAKE IT! The benefits and rewards will be much greater than any fear you encounter.

When I am stuck and confused on what to do in regards to my career and coaching, I ask myself “what am I afraid to do?” My answer usually shows up in the form of fear and presented to me as a gift with a bright red ribbon to break through! Life will never be the same.

Here’s the simple yet tough answer to how to break through fear: literally, break through it. You have to do what scares the shit out of you! The difference of fear I felt when I was 15 compared to when I was 21 walking on fire was extremely different. When I was 21, I still felt a ton of fear but not nearly as much as when I was 15. And after the first time, I never had the same fear of fire ever again. That weekend after the fire walk, I challenged myself (simple yet powerful) to light a match. And I did it excitedly!

Do it, over and over and over again. Until that fear has completely diminished. You deserve the life you want, don’t let fear PARALYZE you and steal your life away!!

Your gifts will be revealed in the same area your fear takes up. Break through the fear by taking action and watch your life TRANSFORM!

With Love,

Lindsey ❤

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