My Sunday Message! #SelfLoveSundays

As I have gone through my own shit in life, and as I have looked back upon the choices I have made, I realize that one major component was missing:




I am grateful for every decision I have made that has given me every experience I have had because it has brought me here, today. And I believe self-love is SO damn important. And I want to spread it around the world like a rapid fire that covers the entire earth in LOVE. Because everyone deserves to first love themselves. So I am declaring Sundays #SelfLoveSundays — Once a week, at the very itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, least… I want YOU to do something that honors YOURSELF. That means: a pedicure, reading a book, laying in the grass, taking a lavender epson salt bath, journaling, doing 5 yoga positions in the peace and quiet of your home or outdoors in nature, running around the block as fast as you can, smelling wild-flowers, exploring unknown places, mini-golfing, grabbing lunch by yourself, playing Solitaire, watching funny videos on YouTube, working out one extra day, cooking or baking, driving around listening to loud music… whatever in heavens name makes you happy and allows you the feeling of LOVE — DO IT!

Because, when you love yourself, honor yourself, do things that make YOU happy, you will obviously be happier. And when you are happier, you are a better person to be around. You will be naturally inclined to help others (more than you already do), you will be more patient with your kiddos, you will make great decisions, you will raise your standard of living, you will feel a wholeness that no other thing or person in this world can give you other than God and yourself. Because you are not incomplete, you are not broken. You are lovable and that love starts with YOU.

So watch this short little #SelfLoveSundays (<– click the hashtag) video by me!

If you are here right now, no matter who you are or where you are, I love you!

And more importantly, I hope YOU love YOU, too.

If you got value from this blog/video, please like, comment & share the love!

With love,

Lindsey ❤

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