Why are you so hard on yourself?

WHY am I so hard on myself at times? WHY are we, as women, so DAMN hard on ourselves? SO critical, SO judgmental, SO un-loving… Where did we learn this?

Why is it so hard at times to love ourselves? Accept ourselves?

(Quick story & then I’ll bring it all together)

If you know anything about a husky, then you know that around the time a husky turns one year old, the dog sheds like mad. Well I just so happen to have a maturing husky who just turned 1 year old. I mean, I have been vacuuming my house sometimes twice a day. Dusting twice a day. Linting my clothes, if not completely changing my clothes twice a day. Because of her damn HAIR! This is a process that on average lasts a few months… well it’s been 3 months already. And I have been so fed-up with being in a house filled with dog hair after continuous cleaning.

And then it dawned on me… my beautiful siberian husky with a playful spirit & bright blue eyes, Hera, is going through a transformation. Why am I being so hard on her? It’s not her fault, or anyone’s fault for that matter. It’s a natural process. It has to happen in order for her to mature into her adult fur coat.

And then I asked myself, do I treat myself the same way? Am I critical of myself as I transform more and more into the woman I am to be? Am I impatient with myself as I go through my tough hours, day, weeks? Why am I not supportive of myself?

Ideally, I should be providing myself, because I love myself, with a safe, sacred, patient and loving space, my cocoon if you will, to transform.

I know where I came from. I know where I’ve been. I know where I’m going (at least I like to think I do ;). I know (in part) what needs to happen, what needs to break down, what needs to diminish, what needs to develop and grow, in order for me to get where I’m going.

And so as I lovingly brush Hera, she kisses my hand, which I like to think is out of gratitude as I assist her in her transformation from a puppy to an adult dog. She looks back at me as she kisses my hand with kind eyes. So this is my oath to myself. And I hope that it can inspire just one person to pledge the same… As I go through life, I know that struggles will come. I know that my emotions will be strong and unbalanced at times. I know that there will be sides of me that come forth that I don’t like and uncomfortable feelings I do not want to feel, but do… I know that wounds from childhood and young adulthood will reopen and be brought to the surface so that I may heal them. I know that life is a process, and life can sometimes be tough. And while “out there” is tough, I pledge to be gentle with myself. Even if no one understands (even though I am continuously blessed with loving people in my life who are 100% supportive), I will provide myself with the understanding that I provide others with. I will continuously love myself, support myself and provide a sacred space to allow myself to transform. No time limit. I will learn what I need to learn in perfect timing.

I know that everyday, every hour, every minute and down to every second I am blessed with is an opportunity for me to evolve as a spirit and human being, grow and awaken to more consciousness within and share my inspiration to inspire others.

With love,

Lindsey ❤


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