I love rawness.

It’s part of who I am.

And it’s a part of the people I surround myself with.

Raw: in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state

I’m all over the person who’s brave enough to show their weaknesses, insecurities, their darkness, wounds, their love, their passion & gifts, their mess…

Your every demon can be a gift to the world when channeled towards the highest good of humanity.

There is NO ONE else in the world exactly like YOU; who has endured the pain that you have or traveled the road you have… and what makes it even MORE beautiful is the fact that you have learned to interpret everything you go through differently than anyone else which means even if you have gone through what someone else has gone through, you may gain completely different insight and wisdom from it than any other person… and if you use your struggles to fuel you it means you have taken responsibility for your life and have not attached to the victim (poor me) mentality. You realize that nothing has happened to you; it happens FOR you… for your highest good and evolvement.

You know that you would not be able to serve people in a certain way if you did not learn what you did from the pain, struggles, hardships, turmoil that you have gone through and came out like a damn WARRIOR QUEEN!


It’s okay to be temporarily defeated. Temporarily broke. Temporarily facing eviction. Temporarily depressed while eating pints of Ben & Jerry’s after the love of your life broke up with you. Temporarily feeling violated or abused. IT’S OKAY ladies, to have pain, to FEEL pain on such a deep level that you feel if anyone knew it would be too embarrassing. Don’t be ashamed of these low points. They are only TEMPORARY. One word of advice I have gotten from my family is “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” —

We are humans, in this life, and it is all part of the process to feel such deep emotions and feelings because those very things are the things that will help us evolve and set us on the path to greatness.

You are NOT a victim. You are a powerful being. Allow yourself to step into that.

Allow the World’s blessings to open up to you through the expansion of your SOUL…

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