I understand

I understand why you act the way that you do. I know that it’s nothing personal towards me.

I know that you have been wounded, deeply, by the people you’ve loved and trusted the most. I know that you have gone through tough times due to unforeseen circumstances you had little to no control over.

I understand why you are honking at me and so angry with me, a perfect stranger to you, for not using my blinker. It’s because your nephew was killed in a car accident that was caused by someone not using their blinker.

I understand why you’re being rude to me while ordering your coffee. It’s because one of my coworkers was unnecessarily rude with you yesterday when you ordered your coffee with him.

I understand why he was in a bad mood also. He just found out his wife is planning to leave him. They have a 2 month old baby together. Now can you understand why he may not have been as chipper as you expected him to be?

I understand why you’re pinching every penny & why you don’t want to pitch in for pizza & beer this Friday night. You are two weeks away from being evicted. Your friends don’t know it, because you haven’t told them; you are overwhelmed with feelings of shame. But I understand.

I understand why you smother your child with love. From an outsiders perspective, it may seem like too much and that you are overdoing it. But they don’t know you were neglected and abused as a child. You just want to give your child the love you always craved but never got.

I understand why you are being SO over protective with your child. You won’t let your child play with the other children & the other moms sit in their circle talking about you. Little do they know your child’s big brother contracted a deadly bacteria just from “playing” with other children and has a permanent disability. All you want to do is prevent something that bad from happening again. I understand.

I understand why you are breaking all of the rules, as a grown adult. It’s because you never got the love and protection you deserved as a child. You are rebellious in nature & people just don’t understand it. It’s okay, I understand.

I understand why you feel so defeated at times with your work. You are just following protocol and most people don’t agree with that protocol so they lash out at you. You’re just following directions. It’s your job and your livelihood. You’re not the one who made up those silly rules. I understand.

I understand why you don’t let people near you, emotionally. People judge you because you are so closed off to the world. Little do they know the hell of a time you went through as a teenager in high school. You close the world off as a means of protection. I understand.

This “human experience” we are all encountering is hard. It’s not easy, at all. But the beautiful part of it is that we all get to experience such a wide variety of “things,” if you will; a full spectrum and roller coaster of emotions and feelings.

To the extend of which you have felt pain, sadness, despair, anger… is to the extend to which you are able to feel joy, peace, love, bliss, magic, happiness.

One thing we are unintentionally taught from the World is that we are all separate. We are against each other because of irrelevant differences like sex, race, religion, creed. When in fact, we are not separate at all — we are all one; interconnected.

If we based our relationships on our commonalities; such as the need to be “loved” we would be more understanding of the people we are usually SO harsh on in our everyday lives; people we have not even spent 30 seconds getting to know.

Today, I challenge you (and myself) to come from a place of understanding instead of judgement.

“Why is he so closed off? Is there something I can do to help him, maybe just internally understand him. 

Don’t look down upon him for his struggles. We have all been in that same emotional place at one point or another, maybe not caused by the same circumstance & maybe not express it in the same manner but we have all definitely felt those same emotions.

Relate to that person; ignite in yourself the natural gift of compassion and use it to add some light to the world.

All you have to do is say, “I understand…”

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