Let me tell you something…

Let me tell you something.

Yeah, YOU. 

YOU, are not broken.

In fact, you are whole. There is nothing missing within you; not within your heart, your soul, your body, your mind, your spirit, or any other part of YOU, whoever YOU may be, for that matter…

I’m deeply sorry that we were brought up in a world that instills in its inhabitants the belief that we are not whole; that there IS in fact something missing within us, that there is this disconnectedness between us and God and each other; that we only need to be a little skinnier, prettier, thicker, smarter, younger, older, more this-er or that-er.

We’re brought up to believe that if we were ONLY more this we would have that. Or if we were only more of THAT then we could have this.

I’m not sorry to burst your bubble, my perfect human accomplice, but YOU are WHOLE. 

There is something (if not multiple things) that YOU can do better than anyone else in this entire world, with an ever-growing population of over 7.125 billion people. You were given your particular life path full of all types of experiences to bring out certain characteristics, to help you learn certain things, that bring you to the wonderful, beautiful, intricate discovery of YOU… or should I say, rediscovery of the person that was never really lost and has always existed (we’ve just been denying her).

Here’s an analogy I love to use. Lets say you are a mirror with an elegant gold (or silver, or white, or black, or platinum, really… it’s whichever you prefer) rim; a beautiful antique mirror with perfectly sculpted detail. Only one was made! There is not another anywhere in the World just as special as this one… And lets just say, this mirror became “lost” — for argument’s sake, it ended up in a forest and over time this mirror collected lots of dirt. And when it rained, this dirt turned to mud. And that mud turned hard. To where the mirror and rim no longer shined. In fact, you couldn’t tell it was a mirror at all. The mirror didn’t feel like itself. Because it just didn’t look like a mirror anymore.

And then! One day! A child came into the forest and noticed this piece of something, hidden in the dirt, she didn’t know what it was but she did know she stumbled upon something special; not something proprietary to the woods. And so every day, this little girl, who had so much hope, faith, love and excitement in her heart, began to chip away at the mud that turned to rock over the mirror and rim. When other people saw it, they said it could never be restored. The rock was TOO hard to chip away at. It would never be the same; she was wasting her time. But she was SO excited because she could begin to see something beautiful shine through…

And then one day, after lots of love and concentrated effort — the mirror was restored. Beautiful. Elegant. Special. Unique. And the mirror’s purpose was restored; to allow others to see their own beauty through every imperfection.

We, as human beings are similar to this story of the dirty mirror. We have been fed so many lies about who we really are that our light and “shininess” begins to fade away. The “dirt” piles on top of our souls and turns to mud. Our hearts harden and we put up walls. We no longer think of ourselves as special because there’s just too much “baggage” (dirt) that piles up on our shoulders and weighs us down. We are so horribly mean to ourselves by the way we speak to ourselves… we aren’t worthy because we look a certain way or we did a certain thing 15 years ago that can never be forgiven. We’re told disempowering statements by the people who raise us, our parents, teachers, babysitters, “you could never travel the world because it’s too much money” or “you could never be a model because you’re not thin enough” or “you could never be a pediatrician because we’re not smart enough.”

When you realize that these are all LIES; nothing more than DIRT that gets thrown onto your spirit without your consent — you begin to take your power back. Your true essence begins to shine through.

Clarity. Purpose. Inspiration. Love. Motivation. Importance. A calling in life…

Here’s a clue: if a certain belief you have makes you feel ANY less than GREAT, it is a LIE. It is not real. And now that you have a powerful awareness of this false belief — you also have the beautiful God-given gift of FREE-WILL. Exercise that free-will by replacing those harmful beliefs with beliefs that make you feel GREAT. EMPOWERED. LOVEABLE. LIKEABLE. POWERFUL. FAITHFUL. BEAUTIFUL. Whatver-ful you want to feel. It is yours for the taking.

Because you are WHOLE. You are Perfect. 

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