The Magic of Vulnerability

Imagine yourself stranded on the top of a mountain and you can’t drive or walk back down because of a fallen tree. There’s a horrible blizzard rolling in that gives you no hope of escaping this mountain as soon as you had thought! You are stranded with little food and little warmth!

Now imagine yourself conducting a conference call or a webinar or live seminar where you are sharing your story of why you are where you are today and what you had to go through to get to this beautiful place all the while inspiring and motivating people; making them feel like they’re not alone and that they actually have a reason for living.

Both are two different extremes of vulnerability.

Most people have such a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to vulnerability. Especially men. Being vulnerable means we are exposed and exposed to potential harm at that. And nobody wants that, we have certain needs for safety and being vulnerable just doesn’t fit into that. We need to feel safe emotionally & physically. We like to tread in shallow water and stay close to home as much as we possibly can.

But what if being vulnerable really came from strength? I mean vulnerability that comes willingly not vulnerability that stems from being stranded on a blowup raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Vulnerability means that our hearts are open and receptive to connection with others. It means we are allowing others to see US for who we are, not for a facade we put on everyday so that people don’t see that we are really suffering.

It means that we get to connect with others that we would’ve otherwise missed out on. It means making amends with a person we haven’t always got along with because it turns out that we were both going through some of the same hiccups. It means we are strong enough to show people what’s really going on, not from a victim standpoint where we are wanting to be saved or wanting pity, but from a place where we are sharing our experience knowing that we will make it through. We understand that in order to live a life full of love and joy, we must connect with others and to connect… we must make ourselves vulnerable and show and share our hearts.

Allowing people to see ME and my heart and my weaknesses in hopes that it will maybe inspire another has been challenging for me. But it’s something I have to do. For a while I didn’t want to show people any of my vulnerable side because it can be embarrassing and it feels totally unsafe. And for me as a female, being safe is a huge need. Showing other people, even those close to me, ME… just didn’t feel good. But as I broke through that feeling of uncomfortableness, I came to a place of greater strength. A place where I am free to be me, because I love me and I am accepting of me. I began to connect better with people. Where as previously I had felt like nobody could relate to me and everyone was against me; even though how could I have possibly known something like that if I never opened up?

Ladies, I encourage you today to open up to someone you otherwise wouldn’t have. I encourage you to show them YOU & expose your heart to them with no expectations. Be strong in who you are, what you’ve been through and where you’ve come from. You have no idea whose life you could change or whose day you could impact so magically and positively. There’s no judgement there. Only growth.

Happy day mommas.

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