Conscious Living vs. Autopilot

So my posts can be inconsistent at times, only because I like to write when I am feeling inspired. Sometimes that means a couple of times a week and sometimes that means once every couple of weeks. I go with where my spirit is taking me. And this one particularly is SO important… I cannot emphasize this enough. It’s the difference between a fruitful life & a lack life.

If you are okay living the life you are living now then this blog post may not be for you. But these words have been brewing in me and I feel the need to share them in hopes that they will inspire at least ONE person to choose greatness. I pass no judgment either way.

This topic is something I have been personally going through and realizing over the past few years. When I begin to forget, life throws me a tough reminder. It’s something I have been becoming more and more aware of the older I get (yes I am still young). And it took fall after fall after fall to realize what was really going on here. I had to ask myself… what did I do to get to the place where I am? This isn’t exactly where I want to be. I have this big beautiful life planned out for my family and I. This is NOT what I planned. What went wrong?

It’s the difference between conscious living and autopilot living and let me tell you, it makes a WORLD of a difference.

When we go through life on autopilot, this means that generally we are working out of ego. We all have one. It’s part of the human experience. It’s something that makes us react in ways we wouldn’t normally react, it’s where embarrassment, shame, guilt, fear, envy, defensiveness & anger stem from. It’s something that divides and separates us from humanity and separates us from our hearts and our ability to love. It divides us from others; our family & friends & husbands & wives & children.

Auto-Pilot: A cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness (Source:


If we go through life WITHOUT self-awareness we fall into the trap of generational curses, we fall into the trap of making other people rich while remaining poor and living pay check to pay check, we fall into the trap of having little control over our lives, we fall upon our fate and not create our destiny, we lose out on amazing and priceless experiences, we stay mediocre and in stagnation.

But my friends, LISTEN UP!!!!!! There is an amazingly bright BRIGHT side and you don’t want to miss this:

When you live CONSCIOUSLY, you begin to bear fruits. You will begin to reap the benefits of hard work and self-development. Hey, issues arise. All the time. They have a purpose. Their purpose is NOT to destroy. Their purpose is to create and initiate GROWTH. Issues are there to SERVE us; to serve in our HIGHEST power.

When you begin to live consciously, you take yourself away from the victim stand-point and realize that (PAY ATTENTION HERE!) nothing ever happens TO YOU, it happens FOR YOU. PLEASE read that again: NOTHING HAPPENS TO YOU, IT HAPPENS FOR YOU.

You dissect things that arise and ask yourself what the purpose is behind it. NOTHING HAPPENS FOR NOTHING. There is ALWAYS a higher purpose for your higher good, ALWAYS!!! I cannot emphasize that enough. I will put myself out there right now to prove this: IF YOU ARE HAVING AN ISSUE AND HAVING A HARD TIME FINDING THE LIGHT IN IT, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I WILL FIND THE LIGHT AND I WILL REVEAL IT TO YOU. I don’t care HOW you interpret that, but I take full responsibility for providing that for you.

When you begin to take responsibility and stop blaming life and God and the kids and your mom’s boyfriend or your 3rd grade teacher and the fish you begin to TAKE the reigns on your life. You don’t leave your life up for grabs. YOU create your destiny and not allow a dormant fate take over.


BUT it all depends on whether you choose to live consciously or you choose to live life in auto-pilot.

When you live in auto-pilot, you go about your day as you do everyday. You eat the same 3 breakfasts in rotation, you flush the toilet at the same time, you put your makeup on and shave your legs the same way. You go to work using the same route, you go to church every Sunday and sit in the same section and pray for the same things. You don’t question what anyone tells you because you believe just because they are a lawyer or a doctor or a friend or a teacher that they automatically have your best interest in mind. You don’t strive for anything more because you don’t feel like you deserve it, you feel like greatness is for selfish and greedy people and that’s not who you are. You raise your children how your parents raised you because that’s all you know. You live your life and work your marriage how your parents did because that’s all you saw. You don’t question or think that maybe, just maybe there’s a different and better way of living that you can build on. You live paycheck to paycheck and you don’t take risks.

And then there’s the conscious living life: this means you take control of your life. You don’t leave your life up to other people. You don’t let the pieces fall where they may, you place them carefully with full strategics. You read books that teach you something valuable. You reach out to people who have the success you want. You question everything the people we are supposed to trust tell us because really, only YOU know what’s best for YOU. You realize that you have all of the answers within and that’s the beauty of life and spirit. You realize that you must take FULL responsibility for the things that you experience because that’s the only way you will learn and move forward from them. You face emotions and issues that are horrifyingly painful because you KNOW in your heart of hearts that a better life lays just beyond them. You stop and think before you answer someone out of ego. You then begin to reap the benefits of your hard work. You begin to attract stronger more powerful and positive people. You begin to attract riches. You begin to attract experiences and opportunities that you would never get living in a victim mentality. You acknowledge that fear may be present but you don’t allow something fake to stop you from achieving what you want. You begin to live and create the life that YOU want and the life that YOU desire. Whether that is in a 952sq.ft apartment with your 5 person family or a 10,000sq.ft mansion alone as long as YOU chose it is what matters.

You are FAR, FAR, FAR too valuable to allow your life to fall into the hands of others. TAKE HOLD of your life and TAKE CONTROL of the reigns and CREATE YOUR DESTINY. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF.

Love you all.


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