I never thought I’d relate to Monsters, Inc.

It’s true… I never thought that I would be able to take something more than an enjoyable time out of Monsters, Inc. Have you seen it? It’s actually one of my favorite kid movies. I basically know it by heart, since it’s also one of my son’s favorites. We’ve gone through 3 of the DVD’s and we now have it on DVR which works best since we can’t ruin a DVD that way. DVR just makes sense 🙂

Anyways, I sometimes get these crazy analogies that come into my mind out of nowhere so today was no different… This morning, our house was hectic. My daughter wouldn’t take her bottle and wouldn’t stop crying and my son was in la-la land which means it took him 45 minutes to get dressed. Yes, JUST to get dressed. Needless to say, I dropped my son off without even brushing my hair. I had a total bed head. I’m sure other people were thinking that I was a crazy lady today, not even kidding 😉 However I was at a loss of patience & only hoping that this negativity wouldn’t last past the next minute. But it did. It’s hard to get out of a funk!

So it was time for my daughter’s mid-morning nap and I got to my self-help work. I was listening to podcasts from successful people, reading part of “Think & Grow Rich” and clearing some issues with EFT (which if you don’t know what it is and are into releasing issues, then this may be of interest to you).

By the time my daughter had woke-up from her nap, my mood had changed completely. It was as if my rough morning had never even happened. I was happy and energetic and joyful. I was grateful and lively and fun.

It’s amazing how the Universe works and the things that are given or exposed to us at certain times and that has been what my day consisted of. After doing my little bit of self-help, it was as if not just a door opened, but a whole entire brick wall with spikes and fire and obstacles had been demolished and this positivity just poured in!

But when I was in my negative space, nothing was happening for me. I could’ve put some effort in my business but nothing was going right and it took WAY more work to accomplish what I could’ve if I just would’ve did it in a positive and grateful state to begin with.

So here’s my big analogy. Are you ready? And you’ll only get it if you’ve watched Monster’s, Inc. Which if you have kids then of course you have.

In Monster’s, Inc., they focus so much on scaring little kids just to get a little bit of “scream” which they put in these tanks that are later used for electricity to fuel their monster world. After the cute little human girl, Boo, snuck into the monster world, Sully (the big green & blue monster) & his side-kick Mike Wazowski freaked out when their entire building experienced a power surge and every light was lit up because Boo laughed… They realized that a child’s laugh was way more powerful than a child’s scream.

So for the purpose of this blog, a child’s scream will be associated with negativity and a child’s laugh will be associated with positivity. When we are “positive” we got so much further in life than if we stay in a negative state. Things that may have flowed easily if we were in a positive mindset will be that much harder because of a negative mindset. The vibration in which our mind is putting out there determines what will come back to us. So if you are wondering why “negative” things keep happening to you, is your mind in a positive state? Ask any overall positive person you know… negative things aren’t as negative because they are taken as things that are presented to us in order to learn something from it in order to grow. They are obstacles to overcome and conquer; they are not something that conquers us.

I promise to you, a positive mind makes literally a world of a difference. It’s not that things don’t happen because things will always happen, that’s just life. It’s the outlook and perception of the things that happen that make the difference.

Good night & be positive 🙂

One thought on “I never thought I’d relate to Monsters, Inc.

  1. judithhb says:

    So much common sense from one so young. The Power of Positive Thinking is one of the courses that I wrote and ran for several years. Thank you so much for following my blog. I shall be back here to see what else you are writing/thinking about.

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