I love my body.

Miranda_Kerr_Qantas_Campaign_01I really, really do love my body. I honor it the best I know how. That starts with how I nourish it… which starts with food sources:

It drives me absolutely banana’s how absolutely backwards our food system here in America is. Ingredients and chemicals that are banned in other countries consume our food products. Animals are raised in treacherous¬†environments with disgusting food, if it even deserves that name. Our toiletries are full of known neurotoxins that get seeped into our pores and have been shown to cause all types of different dis-eases & disorders. Marketing and profit overrules health and the best interest of consumers any day. Innocent kids are targeted by large food bullies. I could go on and on.

It’s pathetic. It’s disgusting. And it really, really makes me angry.

What makes me even more angry is the fact that America has made it SO hard to eat healthy and sustain a truly healthy body. A fast paced lifestyle makes it hard to slow down so American’s are forced to eat what’s quick and cheap.Shouldn’t organic produce be cheaper than conventional? It seems like chemicals would cost more money, thus making conventional produce more expensive.

I’ve made the choice, for my family and I to choose healthier foods. Quality foods. You will never see me purchase soda. Or doritos. Or lunchables. Never have I ever and never will I ever. Granted we don’t always eat as healthy as we should and I still allow my five year old to eat junk food now and again (as do I) but the majority of our food is clean and organic.

I won’t lay down and be ran over, I won’t lay dormant, I won’t accept what large food corporations are trying to feed my family as acceptable. I will drive the extra miles, I will cut costs in other areas, in order to sustain healthier eating in my household. Because that has been a top priority and a commitment as a mother and a wife and just a person who wants to live a long and healthy life.

One of the reasons I became a Health Coach was to be able to help others and teach people what their food is really about. Up until I had my son, I really had no idea what was in my food. I assumed that “whole grain” bread from Pepperidge Farm was healthy. I never knew what GMO’s were, let alone what effects they could have on my health. I assumed that when something said “natural” it meant that there were all natural ingredients and it could be trusted.

I feel as though it’s my duty to spread awareness of what’s really in our foods. I have always been a rebel, I have just finally found a place where I can channel it productively. I question everything I eat. Call me crazy but I don’t trust people I don’t know to nourish my body and know what’s best for me, only I know that. And same with my kids, I don’t even trust baby food companies without doing extensive research as to their sources. I go farther then simply looking at the ingredients. I want to know the source of the ingredients, what process they used to put together certain products like formula & where they sourced their vitamins from (were they made in a lab from GMO’s or are they derived from whole foods?)

So this part of my blog, the “body” part, will cover all of these things. I believe that part of becoming an empowered mom means standing up for what we believe in and what we feel is right. Whether you’re right is different from mine, that’s perfectly okay and I will never pass judgment. I’m just happy you are on the quest for a better life. And for that, you have my full support.

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